July 20th, 2014


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Chris Colfer, Sam Daly and Wendie Malick on Hot in Cleveland [HQ]

Chris Colfer, Sam Daly and Wendie Malick on Hot in Cleveland [HQ]

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July 18th, 2014

Today at the Beaverton book signing -  When asked about Noel Coward’s smoking habit -  Chris stated that he is going to have to learn how to smoke as he’s never smoked a cigarette in his life.

July 17th, 2014

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Darren and Chris at the Glee!Live Premiere [x]

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"It’s okay, it’s your birthday."


"It’s okay, it’s your birthday."

July 16th, 2014
July 12th, 2014
july 3rd 2011 - july 3rd 2014: happy dublin kiss day! x

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Chris trying to get Darren to crack up on tour.


During the whole tour, Chris tried to make Darren to crack up, but in the last show in Dublin, Darren tells Chris to get up and come next to him and he suddently kisses him on the lips (as we all know). So Darren is definitely the winner of this little “war”.

But let’s appreciate Chris’s genius:



1. «I like Irish boys.»

  • Kurt/Chris:  «I got it from Santana, she can find anything suggestive.»
  • Blaine/Darren: *Laughing Out Loud*

(Klaine Skit Dublin July 3rd Matinee Show - video)

 Let’s point out the fact Darren is of Irish ancestry of his father’s side.


2. «Wood Nymph.»

  • Kurt: Blaine, did you know that I am Irish? What is your heritage Blaine? What are you? What are you? What are you?
  • Blaine: Oh, I think on my best days I wanna be Irish. Why do you ask?
  • Kurt: Because I am 80% Irish, 10% German, and 10% Wood Nymph.
  • Blaine: Yes, I would agree with that.

(Klaine Skit from the 8pm show on thet 2nd July 2011, in the O2, Dublin, Ireland. video)

Q: “Darren said that you remind him of a ‘really playful wood nymph‘. Is there a magical creature, or something similar, that best describes Darren from your point of view?” 

Chris: I’d say he’s much more of a wood nymph than I am. I’m a total snow nymph. (interview)


3. «DC.»

  • Kurt: So Blaine, we are in Washington D.C. !!! Do you know what DC stands for, Blaine?
  • Blaine: No, I can’t imagine.
  • Kurt: Do you know what DC stands for?
  • Blaine: No, that sounds like such a silly interest.
  • Kurt: Think about it, DC.
  • Blaine: I can’t think of it.
  • Kurt: Dapper Continuously.

(Washington D.C. Klaine Skit - video)


Thanks DC.

4. «HRM -Hermione Danger?»

  • Kurt: Blaine, you are not gonna believe who just text me and asked me to come to her house after the show and teach her the Single Ladies dance. I will give you a hint. Her initials are H R M.
  • Blaine: Uh, I don’t know… Herman… I, I don’t-?
  • Kurt: Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth The Sequel!
  • Blaine: Does this mean you’re… are you taking me to Buckingham?
  • Kurt: Blaine! Watch your mouth, there are children in the audience!
  • Blaine: Okay.

(Klaine Skit, Buckingham - Sunday 26th June 2011 - video)


5. «The poem.»

Blaine Warbler Anderson, I have never loved another

except for last year when I was in love with my stepbrother

I admire you almost as much as I admire the late Alexander Mcqueen

You squint when you sing

How I missed our impromptu performances in the Dalton Academy halls, the rooms, the bleachers, where the hell were all the teachers?

We’ve seen everything eye to eye, all the pain, all the hurt

at least we did till my last growth spurt.

We’ve shared so many intimate moments, memories that shine and glitter

Just the two of us, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr and Twitter

Since we’ve met it’s been absolute heaven

For your Emmy consideration, 2011

But through all the glory, the scary and the hype,

I swear to god I’m going to punch the next person that calls me a stereotype

I’m so thankful to have found a partner as talented as me, and forever we shall be unless the writers change things in Season 3


Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Colfer trolling Darren on stage.

But at least…




TLOS3 Signing - GLEE LIVE - Who Won?

  • So excited to meet Chris Colfer and finally get my question answered. Don't think anyone has ever asked because he had to think to figure out the answer.
  • Me: So I've always wanted to ask. At Glee Live, who won between you and Darren?
  • Chris: Huh?
  • Me: You were trying to see who would crack first.
  • Chris: <Laugh> Darren won but only because he broke the rules. We set up rules. No physical contact. So technically I won.
  • Me: Thanks. I've always wanted to know.
  • I got a laugh and a chuckle out of Chris. I'm swooning.
  • Burlington, MA book signing 7/10/2014
  • And I got interviewed by the Boston Globe reporter afterwards.